About Us

Established in 2002 in Hanoi, Tan Ha company originated with export of Vietnam traditional agricultural commodities such as tea, cassia…and import of variety of agricultural products from the other countries to Vietnam. Right in the early years of its operation, Tan Ha has achieved great success in export of Vietnam tea raw material to the European and Asian countries. Tan Ha (IE) Company has been recognized by Hanoi People’s Committee for export achievement as one of the leading company of the City in export sector.

In 2005, Tan Ha has started a new business. It’s Towel. We aim to develop the consumer products, which have a good potential. The company has built its first towel factory in Thanh Oai, Hanoi and at present we have been exporting many types of towel/oshibori to Japan, South Korea and USA with high volume, about 200 tons of towel for every month.  

To meet the diverse demands of the international market, Tan Ha has focused on research of each range of products and has been continuously creating more and more products with high quality, various designs and suitable price. To the present, the goods produced and supplied by Tan Ha were present in many countries in the world including Japan, South Korea, other Asian countries and the European market, where are applied the most stringent regulations in term of  quality for imported goods.

In an ongoing effort, Tan Ha has built credibility with customers, expanded the export market and strengthen the partnerships with the domestic and international industry associations.

The Company's Activities:
- Towel Export
- Tea Export
- General Import/Export
- Trading